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Changing kids' lives, one story at a time.

Imagine you’re back in elementary school, sitting in your packed school auditorium. Onstage are incredible performers and musicians, presenting stories written by kids from all around the country. One of the actors announces, “This NEXT story was written by… YOU.” The room goes wild! Everyone around you screams and applauds, and you and your peers watch for as the Story Pirates perform the story that YOU WROTE. The experience lasts just a few minutes, but the impact can last a lifetime.

Story Pirates was founded in 2004 to celebrate the words, ideas and stories of young people. At a time when so many kids today have negative feelings about school, Story Pirates visits hundreds of schools across the country each year, providing awe-inspiring learning experiences that can dramatically improve children’s perspective on their own education.

Our curriculum aligns with widely adopted standards for English Language Arts, while also providing a rich and reflective artistic experience. Our programs push the boundaries of traditional enrichment to tackle substantive educational goals, such as vocabulary development, story structure, revision, and confident self-expression.

Since our first pilot program in a single Harlem school, Story Pirates has invited tens of thousands of students to see their words and ideas come to life on stage, and watched as, one by one, these children began to call themselves writers. Through our Story Love initiative, every young author we work with receives a handwritten note from the Story Pirates, offering them personalized, positive feedback and encouraging them to write more.

Kids across the country are yearning for the opportunity to ignite their curiosity, engage their imaginations, and discover that writing isn't just about test-taking; it's about communication. This spring, we’re raising money to visit more schools, so we can tell more kids that their words and ideas matter.

Join us and help change these kids’ lives, one story at a time.

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Adrian Monte $1.00 Those kids in Guatemala will go hungry, but at least they'll have a good story about it.
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Story Pirates
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